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Niro Natural ayurvedic and herbal products in india by calibre industry
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Calibre Industry is an herbal product based company
  • Herbal Tea
  • Nirog Diabetics
  • Nirog Pilex
  • Nirog Slimming
  • NIROG Nirvana
  • Nirog Bramha Oil
  • Nirog Chandra Oil
  • Product Impacts

    • Treating muscle aches
    • Swellings
    • Tumors and stiffness associated with arthritis.

    Product Contents

    Clerodendrum infortunatum : 7gm, Eclipta alba : 5gm, Bacopa monnieri:6gm, Sesame Oil : 32gm,

    Herbal Tea

    NIROG Tea Is An Herbal Product Which Is Extracted From 15 Different Types Of Herbal Plants Which Are Useful For Curing 20 Problems Associated With Daily Health. NIROG Herbal Tea Is 100% Natural And Has No Side Effects....

    Nirog Diabetics

    Nirog Diabetic product (Herbal Tea) which is prepared from 9 different types plants which are effective for curing diabetic related problems. It is daily up health for Diabetic and its related patients. It is 100% natural and no side effect....

    Nirog Pilex

    A Complete solution through herbal therapy for BLEEDING and DRIED PILES to provide an complete relief in SEVER PAIN, BURNING and ITCHING during piles problems...

    Nirog Slimming

    The increase fats in body leads to many diseases and also affects the health which may leads to HEART ATTACK, ARTHIRITIS, DIABETIES and BLOCAKAGES in the BLOOD VESSELS. The only effective answer to it is HERBAL NIROG SLIMMING. It is prepared from dif...

    NIROG Nirvana

    A prestigious anti-arthritic herb empowered with the blessings of esteemed ayurvedic herbs that is very effective in treating arthritis and joint pains.Very effective in various joint problems like that mentioned above and above all is safe and natur...

    Nirog Bramha Oil

    For External Use Only...

    Nirog Chandra Oil

    Herbal Hair Oil plays a vital role in nourishing the scalp and thickening the hair. Effectively checks hair loss by strengthening hair roots and stop hair loss, control dandruff, scalp itch and more.
    Note : For External Use Only...